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Pupils are to be polite and respectful at all times. Greet the Principal, Vice-Principal and teachers. Stand up properly when spoken to and when asking or answering questions.
b) Movement from class to class should be brisk, quiet and orderly.
c) Pupils are only allowed to leave their classrooms when they have sought the permission from the subject or form teacher and given the “Movement Pass”.
d) Pupils are not allowed to enter the Staff Room. The intercom system outside the Staff Room can be used to request to see a teacher.
e) Pupils are not permitted to wear jewellery or ornaments on their body or hair. If amulets are worn around the neck for religious reasons, these should not be displayed and the Form Teacher must be informed in writing. Jewellery including gold chains would be removed from pupils.
f) Expensive personal items such as radio, MP3 player or portable video games should not be brought to school. Discovery of such items will lead to confiscation. Parents or guardians must come personally to claim these items.
g) Pupils may bring handphone to school. They must be responsible in the use and safe-keeping of their handphone. Handphones used during lessons or any school activities will be confiscated.  Parents or guardians must come personally to claim them.
h) Pupils are to project the good name of the school by behaving well when they are outside the school. They should be courteous and considerate to the public when they are on buses, MRT trains and in public places.