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School Attire


Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
b) Pupils’ pride in the school is shown by the way they wear their school uniform. For both boys and girls, the shirt must be tucked in and the name tag pinned on the right side of the shirt. The name tag must be in line with the pocket. Girls’ skirt should not be more than 4cm above the knees.
c) White socks imprinted with the logo ‘Quest’ are part of the school uniform and must be worn by all pupils. Plain white canvas shoes or coloured sports shoes may be worn. Sports shoes worn must be white-based, with no more than 2 colours. Sports shoes worn must not be in luminous colours or with patterns (except for the logo or brand name).
d) Proper PE attire must be worn during PE lessons. After recess, pupils must be attired in formal school uniform.
e) Pupils who come to school during the holidays must be in proper school attire including proper shoes. This is for identification purposes so as to ensure better security for our pupils.